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Our flying pets


Less than 10g of pure technology reaching a speed of 20 kph. Indoor or outdoor, take control of your MetaFly easily and precisely.


Take control with a simple app by using your smartphone. Make fly the most realistic bird drone with its design.

How does a biomimetic drone fly?

Our research and development work made possible the creation of ultralight motors and a unique kinematics. This patented technology is central to get a very light weight for our products and make them fly. 

Recreating wings flapping, through biomimicry, gives a realistic flight movement to the MetaFly and MetaBird. It allows them to fly in a realistic way, indoor or outdoor. Flapping or gliding, kinematics of the flight movement is essential. 



If you have any questions or hesitations, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will answer as soon as possible.
Designed in France, our products benefit from such rigorous quality control that each bird is a prototype.
However, some birds require a simple adjustment from the first flights: watch our video tutorials, check if your answer is in the FAQ or download a manual in the Help section.
If by misfortune your product has a defect of any kind, please send us a message. Our after-sales service is one of the most efficient in the industry.



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