BionicBird was born out of a passion to create, deeply rooted in a family history. Edwin VAN RUYMBEKE, Aeronautical Engineer, dreamed for years of being able to accomplish an electrical bird who could be the successor of the well-known TIM, the mechanical bird, invented by both his father and grand-father back in the sixties. His high scientific knowledge of the flapping flights, gathered along the years, combined to a perfect proficiency in new technologies, mastered this project, the BionicBird, and won the CONCOURS LEPINE gold medal on the way…



Designed in France, BionicBird thorough quality control makes each bird a prototype.
However, some BionicBirds may need a simple adjustment as of their first flights: watch our tutorials and check whether you can find the answer to your question in our FAQ or download our manual below.
If for some reason, defects are found in your BionicBird, thank you for sending us a message.



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