Flying Robotic Bird

Fly amongs real birds

Control it with a smartphone or a joystick


Why buying Bionic Bird?

Very light weight: 9.2g
Armless,You can’t say that from any other drones!
Fly differently, be in harmony with Nature!


From great outdoors down to your living room, pilot your BionicBird from your smartphone, tablet or joystick. BionicBird is packed with micro technologies: weighing less than 10 grams, flying up to 100 meters range, allowing him to follow real birds up to the clouds…..Born from the support of the net surfers, through a crowdfunding campaign, BionicBird attracted high tech specialist worldwide who named it the first biomimetic drone for the public at large.

Bionic Bird

Classic RC

Only: 39.00 € 59.00 €

Child’s play

BionicBird is very easy to handle thanks to its joystick controller on which it can charge 10 times capacity when outdoors. Kids from 8 years old love it: BionicBird flies up to more than 50 meters range with no annoying noises and with a top speed of 20km per hour. Even the other birds are fooled! But watch out , predators won’t hesitate to attack it!

Bionic Bird


Deluxe Set

Only: 89.00 € 119.00 €


Classic RC



Only: 39.00 € 59.00 €