next gen 

             flying pet 

Take to the skies… Fly anywhere!


 next gen 

             flying pet 

Take to the skies… Fly anywhere!

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Bionic Bird isn’t just another flying machine. Bionic bird is a minaturized replica of a living being. It’s controlled from a distance, even up in the clouds, in total harmony with nature. It weighs less than 10 grams (0.35 ounces), it’s the size of a swallow, and it can fly up to an altitude of 100m. The way it mimics flying and gliding is so convincing that even birds think its real. Drone technology is taking a huge step forward.


2 flexible wings that flap softly 4 hard propellers rotating quickly
Light as a feather: Less than 10g from 100g up to several kg
Glides to the ground in case of failure Drops like a stone
Stress-free flying around people Requires a lot of confidence
No camera, respect for others Neighbors hate the intrusion
Not subject to laws governing drones Registration if over 250g
Simple and intuitive one-handed controls Complex steering – Concentration
Elegant and curved trajectories Linear and jerky trajectories
Silent and poetic Noisy and harsh
Completely autonomous with the egg Requires a power outlet after a flight
Charges in 12 minutes, perched on its egg 30 minutes, complex connections
Resistant against impacts (flexible) Propellors risk damage upon impact
Attracts real birds that play with it Scares birds away
Design object when perched on its egg Usually hidden away in a cupboard
Or stored in its luxury box Cheap plastic box you throw away









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Deluxe Package

Bionic Bird

Only: 75.00€

The Experience of Flight

The ability to fly like a bird is something that is shared by no other flying object except the Bionic Bird! Watch Bionic Bird fly majestically towards the sky, turn, glide, and skilfully skip over hedges and treetops. With Bionic Bird comes the Flying App©, an intuitive, easy-to-learn application that can be mastered in less than five minutes. You’ll get a full control of your bird handling the phone in only one hand !

*Requires a smartphone or a tablet (not included). Compatible with Iphone 4s and above, 3rd generation Ipad and above, Android 4.3 and above.

Top customer’s choice

Premium Package

Bionic Bird

Only: 99.00€ 119.00€

*Requires a smartphone or a tablet (not included). Compatible with Iphone 4s and above, 3rd generation Ipad and above, Android 4.3 and above.

Fit for an adventure

The complete package for the ultimate experience in the middle of nature with complete autonomy. Bionic Bird sits atop a revolutionary egg-shaped charger that displays lights. After charging for 12 minutes, the bird is fully operational and will fly for up to 8 minutes before needing to be recharged. The egg includes a big battery and also serves as a portable power pack for longer-lasting play outdoors, as it can recharge the bird up to 10 times.



Marc (63) and Tom (9)

I just can’t believe how clever Tom has become with Bionic Bird in a short time. He’s now much better than me, and can catch the bird in the hand when he brings it back!

Jakson (35)

I shoot Bionic Bird while attacked by raptors in Hong Kong Kai Tak RC Airport. It is a very small drone that flies by flapping wings just like a bird and controlled via an app on your iPhone. Incredible experience!

Arthur (27) and friends

What is so funny with Bionic Bird is how it attracts real birds. C’est énorme quand même. Ca marche vraiment bien !

Shirley (31) and her daughter (4)

We had a really great time together flying Bionic Bird. My daughter was so impressed I can control it in the sky, although it seems a “live” animal.

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Created in France, Bionic Bird is subject to quality control that’s so rigorous that each bird is like a prototype. Don’t hesitate to send us a question via the opposite form for more information on this extraordinary product! You can also find some responses in the tutorial videos as well as in the FAQs.

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