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Your smartphone controlled bird

– Fly and control MetaBird with a simple app installed on your smartphone. App available on Android® Play Store and Apple® App Store.
– Speeds up and down by a simple gesture on your screen. Steer the MetaBird by tilting your smartphone right and left.
– 8 minutes autonomy and a fast charge in only 12 minutes with the USB connector.

Live an exceptional flight experience in the middle of real birds with this bio-mimetic drone.

The pack contains: 1 MetaBird + and its USB charger.

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Why choose the MetaBird?


• Because the MetaBird is designed to last with its soft wings and indestructible foam body.

• Without a propeller and light as a paper airplane it is absolutely safe. Fly without stress!

• Because the METABIRD is a concentrated brainchild of all its ancestors!

• Because the MetaBird does not have an onboard camera just like its heirs. It is intended for the pure pleasure and willingness of the BIO.MIM.E.TIQUE flight experience.

• Because its price is as light as that of its elders covered with awards: “gold medallists” at the famous Lépine competition, Eiffel Prize, or elected “most beautiful connected object of the year” …

An app to fly


The app BIONICBIRD has proven itself: clear and easy to use, it is designed to make your life easier. A quick peeling with your bird, you give it a name, and off you go!
In flight, whatever the chosen piloting mode (there are 4), the relative position controls fall under the fingers without looking at the screen.
Moreover, in “easy” mode, the MetaBird can be flown with one hand and one finger! The activation of the “CRUISE CONTROL” even allows you to forget the finger, and to hold the smartphone like a (magic) control stick.
It is original with its very realistic soundscape. The MetaBird flies at a hundred meters as you can hear it cracking through the air all the way up there!
The APP BIONICBIRD integrates a very practical and complete “quick start” guide. It also provides access to detailed video tutorials with a simple click.

Technology inspired by nature


With more than 50 years of R&D on the biomimicry and reproduction of bird flight, Bionic Bird is both a pioneer and world leader in the field. The MetaBird is the latest evolution of the original Bionic Bird.
Its range of 150m is perfect for wide open spaces. The feeling of freedom of a flying animal is impressive thanks to the realism of its movement. The control with a smartphone via an application is particularly intuitive so that you can quickly become one with your MetaBird.
The integrated miniaturized Lithium Polymer battery provides the MetaBird with 10 minutes of autonomy and its full charge takes only 12 minutes. Using the USB connector, recharge the MetaBird easily and you’re ready for adventure.

Durable and safe

Since AVITRON, 10 years old, our UAVs have been designed and reworked in terms of solidity and safety to guarantee you a fun and risk-free experience. The MetaBird is the result of these 10 years of maturation. Discover the pleasure of flying without fear of your drone falling.

Equipped with flexible wings made of carbon fiber and liquid crystal polymers and an indestructible foam body, the MetaBird fears neither falls nor impacts whatever the obstacle.

Its weight of less than 10g, the absence of propellers and its safety features also make the MetaBird a harmless object for those around you. Use the MetaFly without any worries to make your friends and family discover biomimicry.

What’s new in MetaBird


• A more powerful and robust engine makes the MetaBird even more dynamic and spectacular during hundreds of hours of flight.
• Its new 60 mAh Lipo battery weighing just 1.7 grams guarantees 10 minutes of gliding, turning and aerobatics.
• Its very compact and light box (barely 130 grams) is easy to take with you.
• The MetaBird’s wing balancing is simplified with the sliding ballast system.

  • Box weight
  • 130 grams
  • Box dimensions
  • 20 X 12 X 3 cm
  • 17 cm
  • 33 cm
  • 9,5 grams
  • 10 minutes
  • charging
  • On USB port
  • 12 minutes
  • 150 meters
  • INDOOR flight
  • YES
  • YES


Bionic Bird’s miniaturized and patented kinematics allow to reach a speed of 20km/h with a wing flapping drone of less than 10g. This technology, which won a gold medal in the “Concours Lépine”, is at the heart of the MetaBird.
The MetaBird’s 150m range and speed will allow you to reach an impressive height in a very short time. You will also be able to practice gliding over long distances thanks to these incredible abilities in such a small drone.




If you have any questions or hesitations, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will answer as soon as possible.
Designed in France, our products benefit from such rigorous quality control that each bird is a prototype.
However, some birds require a simple adjustment from the first flights: watch our video tutorials, check if your answer is in the FAQ or download a manual in the Help section.
If by misfortune your product has a defect of any kind, please send us a message. Our after-sales service is one of the most efficient in the industry.


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