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Radio controlled flying creature

-Make it fly indoor and outdoor with its precise controller, up to a 20kph speed

-Discover biomimicry and use flapping or gliding with less than 10g of pure technology

-8 minutes autonomy and a fast charge in only 12 minutes with the controller integrated charger


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Technology, innovation and creativity

With more than 50 years of R&D on biomimicry and how to copy bird flight, Bionic Bird is a leader in this field. The MetaFly is the latest flying creature of Bionic Bird.  

Its 100m range is perfectly made for wide spaces. The feeling of freedom with a flying animal is impressive, thanks to its realistic way of flapping and gliding. The precise controller will allow you to do stunts and fly indoor and outdoor. Be ready to impress your friends easily with your MetaFly. 

The miniaturised integrated Lithium Polymer battery will give you an 8 minutes autonomy for the Metafly and the full charge is only 12 minutes long. Charge it with the controller integrated charger or the USB plug included in the Upgrade Pack.

Durable and safe

Since its original conception, the MetaFly has been designed to reach high standards of quality and reliability to garanty you a fun and safe experience. Experience the joy of flight without the fear for crashes. 

Equipped with flexible carbon fiber wings and shockproof head and legs, the MetaFly’s structure is reinforced to support wall or floor crashes. 

These features help the MetaFly for indoor or outdoor flights, whether you are a beginner or an experienced radio control pilot. 

With a weight under 10g, the lack of propellers and its safety elements, the MetaFly is an harmless flying object for people around you. Use it without fear and make your family and friends discover biomimicry. 

MetaFly is flexible and can resist impacts !

See how MetaFly has flexible bumpers to absorb impacts

MetaFly Assembly

How to assemble MetaFly in a minute or 2.

MetaFly – A new flying creature on Kickstarter!

MetaFly is an absolutely unique biomimetic controllable creature. Forget about drones, it’s time to experience flight like never before.


Bionic Bird’s patented and miniaturised kinematics give the possibility to fly up to 20 kph with a drone lighter than 10g. This technology, gold medal award at “Concours Lepine 2012”, is at the heart of the MetaFly project. 

The range and the speed of your MetaFly will lead you to a high altitude in a few seconds. It will also give you the ability to glide on long distances thanks to the highest performance in such a little drone. 




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Designed in France, our products benefit from such rigorous quality control that each bird is a prototype.
However, some birds require a simple adjustment from the first flights: watch our video tutorials, check if your answer is in the FAQ or download a manual in the Help section.
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